Monday, October 11, 2010

Social Engineering, be careful what you ask for.

After planning on the trip to Vegas involving a unique idea with friends, I learned some things: (vagueness is purposeful as to not give too much away, this was in Vegas after all)
1) sometimes people will inherently trust or hate you based upon only what you are wearing.
2) Everyone likes to hang around with someone who is having a good time that is considered someone who shouldn't/can't.
3) Combined with #1, if you listen, people will speak to you.
4) Sometimes people just need to speak about their problems, even if the foundation of their trust is a lie. See #1. No matter what the trust is based on, it will still make them feel better.
5) By hearing other people's problems, it will probably make your problems seem smaller in comparison.
6) Everyone loves a man in a uniform.
7) Sometimes the best person to convince others to become religious is an atheist.
8) Margarita salt is not crack rock, no matter what crazy ladies tell you on the street corner.
9) No one wants to hit a father, or hit on, or be hit on by.
10) Everyone is curious about Buddhism, so will believe anything.... even if it is nothing.
11) If you are going to wear it, go all the way.
12) Lesbians are ok with men of the cloth, as long as they stay that way. But their friends might be ok with some change.
13) Photo bombing is not a sin if you are the judge of sin.
14) Hooters waitresses are usually nice girls who just need a job.
15) A priest who is having trouble walking is more convincing than a priest with communion wine bottle on his own two feet.
16) Motorcycles are still awesome.